TL | Beauty Obsessions #1 - Basic Beauty Routine

— All of us

Please. Don't lie to yourself. We have all said it at least a dozen times in the past month.

For someone who works in the beauty industry, my routine has become treacherously simple.
The days of full-face makeup are rare for me. I can count the number of times I reach for foundation in a year with one hand. Special occasions like weddings used to be deserving of my Lancôme Teinte Idole or Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation Stick. But not one of the five weddings I attended in 2017 had me wearing any. 

Note - it hasn't always been this way. I used to wear full-face makeup almost daily years ago but when I went natural in 2014, that gradually changed as I became more open to just being and the same still rings true.

So today, I am veering unto paths new on the Lounge and sharing with you what I grab for when I have 10 to 15 minutes to embellish my look.

My "Gimme 10 mins" routine goes a little something like this.

I start with Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer in Amande over my under-eye blemishes and lightly blayer (blend + layer) a touch of Nars' Soft Matte Complete Concealer also in Amande from mid under-eye to outer edges for the days or nights I want more coverage. Light in texture and relatively long-lasting. Great match for my skin tone.

Next up, I reach for Glossier's Boy Brow in black to fluff, fill and shape my brows in a brush. This is a beauty life-saver! Brow maintenance is now a breeze for me. All I do now is thread these bad boys every 6 weeks, brush on this Glossier wonder and i'm out. I am all about no-fuss, so I am thankful for innovation like this.

Glossier boy brow in black

Not crazy about highlighting, some nights demand it; but I am into the multi-stick phenomenon. Many ways to use one item suits me just fine (remember, #nofuss). The Multiple by Nars' in South Beach is my choice of glow. Lightweight, buildable and easy to blend. I may dot the tip of my nose for additional 'points of glow' if I am somewhat inclined.

Almost there! I have to tell you. Mascara has never been my friend. I gave up on our relationship many moons ago, after I dumped Eyeshadow. My lashes are ultra curly and have always appeared short to me (although many a make-up artist has tried to convince me me otherwise). I was given the Christian Dior Diorshow Pump 'n' Volume mascara in a CEW (Cosmetics Executive Women) gift bag last month and lo and behold; I have never experienced results like this before. Talk about length and density! I am all over this. With this mascara, I have not needed to wear any eyeliner! Big win for me.

Can't forget the lips. I always opt for a dressed lip. Bold and nude shades are my faves. My lipstick obsession right now is Pat McGrath Labs' MatteTrance Lipstick in Flesh 03. Luxe, creamy, long-lasting - and let's not even talk about the packaging!

And then 10 whole minutes have passed by and I am ready to put by boots on and walk out my front door.

Then there are those days where I just need the bare minimum (most work days), in which case my express "Gimme 5 mins" routine is simply:

  • Conceal: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Amande
  • Brows:    Glossier's Boy Brow in black
  • Lips:        Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick in Flesh 03.


Et voila!

What are your favourite #beautyobsessions? How long does your average make-up routine take? Comment below and let's talk!