MIZANI ARTIST: David Thompson Instagram: @davidthompsonhair

MIZANI ARTIST: David Thompson
Instagram: @davidthompsonhair

Which salon can The Texture Lounge readers find you in?

David Thompson Hair Studio in D.C. We specialize in texture, cut, color and wigs. 85% of my clients are natural, they receive blow-outs and others like their wash & gos. I am big on educating my clients on how to take care of their hair and encourage them to be confident in the shape that we choose.

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I make women feel great and look beautiful

What makes you show up 110% on those days you feel less than?
I'm an energy person and I believe that can change the way my clients feel from behind the chair - that empowers me. To see them walking out feeling great about themselves and looking great balances out my day. The communication between my clients and me is really where I get my joy from; creating that conversation and connection.

What does success look like to David?
Success is something that is ongoing for me. It is anything that I achieve a great result out of. Whether it's starting my clients on a new journey - cutting her hair or creating a different shape. The fact that she feels empowered and confident with her new style or in her new journey, that's success to me.

What are three products or tools you cannot live without?
I cannot live without my flat iron. I can do several different things with it - whether it's a loose wave, a full-bodied curl...The other thing i cannot live without is heat protectant, like HRM. I love it. It's a beautiful mist that allows flexibility in the hair and leaves a nice finish. When I'm on set, it helps me create different shapes. Lastly, HD Shyne. This is going to make sure the hair is moisturized and is perfect on set, leaving the hair with a natural gloss which you can see in the final pictures.

What was your career aspiration as a child?
When I was a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I grew up in the hair salon, I used to take a sketch book to my mum's salon every Saturday, and I would sketch the women in the salon. That turned into a passion for fashion design but I would really get into the detail of the hair, more than I would get into the wardrobe. Later on in life, I ended up becoming a hairstylist! 

What was your Plan B if being a stylist didn't work out?
I would have probably been a visual merchandiser. That was what I went to school for first. I studied Fashion Merchandising at Wood Tobe Coburn school in Manhattan, did a few internships at Escada and Christian Dior. It really got me into the Arts. Working with mannequins and wigs really propelled by passion.

What is the legacy you want to leave?
I want to help women embrace their texture and feel bold, confident and beautiful no matter what.